About Jamu Drinks

Let’s go back to the origins.
Jamu is an ancient, traditional Indonesian herbal drink. Its recipe is typically passed down from generation to generation. Each family having their own twist in creating it – either by adding an extra ingredient or adapting the way it’s made.

For centuries, this golden drink has been known to boost the immune system and maintain great health. See what BBC has to say about "The ancient drink that powers Indonesia".

  • Jamu PlantBrew, Ginger & Turmeric capsules - Jamu Drinks

    Jamu PlantBrew

    A pure ginger & turmeric mix, ready to pop into your Nespresso Original Machine* for a hot shot 💪 (unless you're adding some milk for a smooth Jamu Latte).

    Jamu PlantBrew is about carving time out of each day to enjoy a fiery & wholesome drink. A ginger and turmeric root’s blend carefully balanced to offer you a mindful and unique experience.

  • Jamu Original

    Jamu Original is directly inspired from this Indonesian drink that gives vitality. Adopting the traditional methods of the ancient recipe, the natural ingredients are brewed together to create this golden drink – and like the tradition, we gave it our own personal touch.

  • Jamu Bliss, Galangal & Lemon - Jamu Drinks

    Jamu Bliss

    Jamu Bliss is our newest creation, inspired by and using a key Asian ingredients: galangal. It offers a truly alternative, original, and refreshing drink. Just like Jamu ORIGINAL, we have preserved the traditional cooking method to bring you a 100% natural beverage with our own personal touch.


Our Jamu Drinks are ready to drink out of the bottle!

To start the day on the perfect note, we suggest having a cup of Jamu Original first thing in the morning. And the great thing is, it can be drunk however you want!

Throughout the day, we suggest having a Jamu Bliss, thanks to its refreshing and light taste, it’s the perfect addition !

Fancying a hot drink? Our fiery & wholesome Jamu PlantBrew will offer you a mindful and unique experience.

For your aperitifs, have a look at our cocktail recipes. These are truly unique creations and are guaranteed to make an impression. 

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Curious about what our natural drinks can bring you?
Look at what others say about the benefits of our ingredients.

About ginger:
From RTS (in french), the BBC Good Food (in english), and GEO (in german).

About turmeric:
From RTS (in french), and the BBC Good Food (in english).

About galangal:
From Real Simple (in english).