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Jamu Drinks

Jamu Original, Curcuma drink

Jamu Original, Curcuma drink

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A purposeful drink inspired by the traditional Indonesian herbal drink. Our Jamu Original is directly inspired from the ancient recipe that is known to give vitality. Adopting the traditional methods of the Jamu, the natural ingredients of turmeric, ginger, lemon and pepper are brewed together to create this golden drink.

Taste: Jamu reveals its four distinct flavours. Turmeric appears first on the palate, followed by ginger and pepper on the finish. Lemon acts as a binding ingredient for refreshing the drink.


Our Jamu Original is ready to drink out of the bottle!
To start the day on the perfect note, we suggest having a cup of Jamu Original first thing in the morning. And the great thing is, it can be drunk however you want!

Whether you prefer to sip it warm (mixed with hot water), heat up the drink itself with an extra spoon of honey or drink it fresh out of the chilled or cold bottle – you can do it as you like!

If you want to have extra fun, turn it into a cocktail with our suggested recipes here.


Ingredients: Water, Turmeric, Ginger, Lemon, Coconut sugar, Pepper.

Can be stored at room temperature or in the fridge. Once opened, consume within 7 days, and keep refrigerated.

You may find some residue in your Jamu. That’s totally normal and safe to drink. Since Jamu is not a juice (which typically uses extractors that remove all the fibers and only keep the juicy liquids), some residue of the natural ingredients still remains in the finished drink. This is basically teeny, tiny particles of turmeric, pepper and ginger. Just shake the bottle, and you’re good to drink all that healthy goodness.
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