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What is Jamu ORIGINAL?

Jamu ORIGINAL is most probably something you’ve never tasted before! It’s an Indonesian inspired, 100% natural, ready-to-drink, herbal drink. The main ingredients are turmeric and ginger.

What is Jamu BLISS?

Jamu BLISS is what you obtain when you’re looking for an alternative, truly unique taste + a refreshing feeling. It’s an all natural, ready-to-drink, herbal drink. The main ingredients are galangal and lemon.

How is Jamu healthy for me?

The traditional Indonesian Jamu has been known as a healthy herbal drink for centuries. Thanks to its ingredients such as turmeric, lemon, and ginger among others. Our Jamu ORIGINAL is directly inspired from the traditional Indonesian Jamu. We kept the potent ingredients, the traditional recipe, and cooking methods.

When, where and how should I drink Jamu ORIGINAL and Jamu BLISS?

We recommend drinking these nice and cold for a refreshing feeling (straight out of the fridge or on some ice). 

However, it can be drunk however you want! Some prefer it first thing in the morning (like a tea or coffee), whilst others prefer it after lunch, or even throughout the day. It can be sipped hot from a cup, drunk cold, straight out of the bottle, or on some rocks in a glass.

How to store it?

Jamu ORIGINAL and Jamu BLISS can be stored in a fridge, or at room temperature. It depends on how you like to drink it.

How would you compare your drinks with other drinks?

Probably like nothing you’ve tasted before! Though this is a very popular drink in Asia, this is not yet a common taste in Europe. We are pretty sure you’ll be experiencing something new!

Does your Jamu Drinks contain alcohol?

Nope, it’s healthy all the way! Our Jamu ORIGINAL and Jamu BLISS are non-alcoholic drink.

Can your Jamu Drinks be mixed with alcohol?

Yes, you can mix it with alcohol and make cocktails with it depending on your tastes. Discover some of our recipes here.

What’s the shelf-life of Jamu ORIGINAL and Jamu BLISS?

Please refer to the 'Best before' date on the bottle. Once opened, we recommend drinking it within a week, and keep it refrigerated.

How are your Jamu Drinks produced?

We do absolutely everything ourselves! Our small scale production is done from our kitchen in Zurich. Everything is produced by hand, and in small batches. It doesn’t get more artisanal than this!


What are the nutritional values?

You can find the nutritional values for Jamu ORIGINAL and Jamu BLISS here.

What is the residue in my bottle?

Only good stuff! Since our Jamu Drinks are not juices (which typically uses extractors that remove all the fibers and only keep the juicy liquids), some residue of the natural ingredients still remains in the finished drinks. This is basically teeny, tiny particles of the ingredients. Just shake the bottle, and you’re good to drink all that healthy goodness.

Are Jamu ORIGINAL and Jamu BLISS vegan/vegetarian/gluten-free?

Yes, and also made with 100% natural ingredients.

How about the sugar in your drinks?

Our Jamu ORIGINAL is very low on sugar. For 100ml you have 0.8g of sugar. Our Jamu BLISS is even lower ! For 100ml you have 0.6g of sugar.


I would like to sell your drinks. How can I do?

Contact us, we’d be happy to set up an introductory meeting.

Is there a deposit on the bottles?

Not if you buy directly from us, for now. But this option is possible with some of our distributors.

Why glass bottles?

Glass bottles are easier to recycle than plastic. They can also be reused into our production when returned.