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Crafting the Perfect Jamu Gin Tonic - A Flavorful Fusion with Turicum Distillery

At Jamu Drinks, we're thrilled to introduce you to an extraordinary concoction that marries the expertise of Turicum Distillery with the exotic flavors of our drinks – the Jamu Gin Tonic. This distinctive blend is more than just a cocktail; it's a harmonious union of Swiss gin craftsmanship and our Indonesian-inspired drink: Jamu Original. Join us on this flavorful journey as we delve into our collaboration with Turicum Distillery and unveil the secrets behind our Jamu Gin Tonic.

A Fusion of Two Worlds:

The Turicum Distillery, known for its exquisite craft gin, and Jamu Drinks, dedicated to bringing alternative asian ingredients-inspired drinks, are joining forces in a remarkable collaboration. While Jamu Drinks is the one behind the creation of the Jamu Gin Tonic recipe, our collaboration with Turicum Distillery brings their exceptional Swiss gin into this harmonious blend.

Turicum Distillery - Masters of Swiss Gin:

Turicum Distillery, nestled in the heart of Switzerland, is celebrated for its commitment to quality and craftsmanship. They've spent years perfecting the art of gin-making, using locally sourced botanicals and traditional techniques. Their gin is a testament to Swiss precision and expertise.

Jamu Drinks - Alternative drinks:

At Jamu Drinks, the inspiration for our Jamu Original comes from the age-old tradition of Jamu – a wellness elixir in Indonesia. We've embraced this tradition, blending it with a twist to create our authentic Jamu Original. It's a celebration of Indonesian culture, made with a touch of contemporary flair.

The Recipe: Crafting Your Jamu Gin Tonic


  • 5cl of Turicum Gin
  • 5cl of Jamu Original
  • Tonic water
  • Lemon slice for garnish
  • Fresh mint (for that extra touch)


  • Begin with a glass filled with ice cubes, the blank canvas for your cocktail.
  • Pour in 5cl of Turicum Gin, carefully crafted in the Swiss tradition.
  • Add 5cl of Jamu Original to infuse the essence of Indonesian wellness into your cocktail.
  • Top it off with your preferred tonic water, creating a symphony of botanicals and zest.
  • Garnish your creation with a fresh lemon slice for a burst of citrusy delight.
  • Elevate the experience by taking a sprig of fresh mint and gently rubbing the rim of the glass with it. The aromatic essence of mint adds an extra layer of sophistication.

Cheers to Collaboration:

The melding of Swiss gin excellence and Indonesian inspiration has resulted in a symphony of flavors that harmonize beautifully in the Jamu Gin Tonic. Our collaboration with Turicum Distillery embodies our dedication to creating exceptional experiences, as well as, values partnerships with local Swiss brands. 

Join Us on This Flavorful Adventure:

Share your Jamu Gin Tonic creations with us on Instagram and Facebook. We'd love to see how you're savoring this exquisite blend!

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